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Third-Generation 里达HPS Horizontal Multistage Surface Pumping System

Pumps for oil and gas; mine dewatering; carbon capture, 利用, and storage; and geothermal energy

Project economics improve with a cost‐effective alternative to conventional industrial 泵.
Modular, flexible design can be modified in the field within 2–3 hours.
模块化设计. 增加可靠性, and large operating range make the third-generation 里达HPS pump the ideal choice for a wide range of applications.
释放压力高达6,650 psi (45,850 kPa] with multistage stack‐up and housing pressure containment
Flow rates from 40 to 1,850 galUS/min [218 to 10,084 m3/d] in standard configuration
API Std 610兼容的特性


Generation 3 里达HPS 泵 feature product enhancements that increase reliability, and they are flexible enough to enable updates in the field. This multistage centrifugal pump has a modular design that provides a cost-effective solution for a wide variety of applications, 从简单注水到更多 复杂的炼油服务和原油转让. It is an efficient alternative to split‐case, vertical turbine, and positive displacement 泵.

Prepackaged units are provided as a whole system from a single‐source vendor and delivered preassembled to your site. The unit is typically prewired with instruments and cabling to a central junction box. 摄入和放电 flanges and power hookups are usually the only required connections.

在必要的时候, major components can be replaced or resized within 2–3 hours to track changes in applications. Because of the modular design and factory alignment, restarting the pump is a simple procedure. 专为多年无麻烦的服务, the third-generation 里达HPS surface pump requires no daily maintenance. 没有V‐belt或包装服务, and a typical routine maintenance schedule simply consists of a quarterly lubricant change for the thrust chamber and component 检查. The consistent performance and low vibration extend equipment life and greatly reduce the chance of leakage from associated piping.



Input your pumping parameters and receive an initial system design to help determine your best option.



With increasing water cuts worldwide, volumes for disposal are continually rising. 里达HPS 泵 are a cost-effective solution, requiring minimal maintenance.
在全球天然气液化工厂和管道中运营, our systems are fitted with VSDs to handle pipeline pressure changes and maintain performance through the life of the plant.
地热发电厂的水被注入 back into the reservoir, using low-maintenance, high-reliability 里达HPS 泵 with high 功率效率.
A single high-pressure pump at the bottom of the pit eliminates the need for multiple lower-pressure units, 降低成本,减少停机时间.
里达HPS 泵 have a decades-long track record in CO2 injection projects for carbon capture, 利用, and storage (CCUS).
Our 泵 provide reliability and environmental protection while satisfying crude oil boosting requirements.
里达HPS 泵 provide high uptime and eliminate leakage of expensive amine in acid gas removal plants.
High run life, 功率效率, and low maintenance provide confidence to the industry.
Very-low-vibration 里达HPS 泵 protect the expensive metering instrumentation found on lease automatic custody transfer (LACT) units and enable full customization.


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